CCW Classes

CCW Training

Certified by the Kern County Sheriff to offer training/certification for Carry Concealed Weapon (CCW) licenses.

Classes are held every on the 4th Saturday of every month. 

       Class size is limited to 8 students so, sign up early.
This is not an NRA course.


Renewal License - $50/person (4 hour class)

Initial License - $100/person (8 hour class)


Private, Family classes and Special dates are available.
- Price on request.

All Classes Are Pre-Register Only!

It is my belief that any instructor should be able to accomplish any task he sets forth for the students. So, I should be able to shoot the qualification just like any student. With that in mind, I went and shot the course of fire you will find in the CCW class.  To the left is my result.

The firing qualification is very easy.  It is:

      • 4 shots from 3 yards
      • 6 shots from 5 yards
      • 6 shots from 7 yards
      • 4 shots from 10 yards

The shots are not timed and from the ready position.

To qualify, all shots must be within the silhouette. They do not have to be as close as I pictured above. That's just how I shot.

Your CCW class could be free! 

Here's how:

At the class, shoot the course of fire as described here. If you can keep all your shots in the orange, no shot can even cut the line, then your class will be free.