How to Apply/Renew/Change CCW License

Initial Application

They are trying to make it as similar as the paper process as they can. To that end, the process is now the same as it was in the past:

– Fill out application and pay on-line. This includes scanning and uploading all the required paperwork. The one exception is your initial class certificate because you won’t have that yet.

– They will do a cursory background check

– If that check comes back clean, they’ll send you a Contingent Approval. This is just like the letter they used to send.

– Go get the initial CCW class.

– Take your class certificate to the sheriff’s office on Norris road. While there they will do the Live Scan. (They were making appointments for the Lice Scan, but not anymore.)

– They will contact you (email) when the final background check is done and your license is ready.



– Take the renewal class.  I recommend taking it 60 days prior to expiration.

– 30 days prior to expiration, go on-line and fill out the form, upload your class certificate and pay.  We didn’t do this in the past, but it’s easy enough to do it on line.

– Go pick up your new license at Norris road or you can ask them to take it to the closest substation. (I always recommend going to Norris road because life happens and licenses have been lost.  Still, they will take it to the substation if you ask.)


Changes to license

For simple administrative changes, i.e. address:
– Fill out form and pay on-line.
– Go get license. (You may ask them to deliver it to the closest substation.)

If you want to add a gun:
– Contact me to do the shooting qualification.  You must qualify with each gun on your license.
– Fill out forum, upload the shooting qualification card and pay on-line.
– Go get license. (You may ask them to deliver it to the closest substation.)


Some Notes:

All payments are made up front now. If you are denied, they will refund your fees.

They do not do live scan on Friday.

Do not take firearms to the sheriff’s station or substation.  I know the instructions on-line say to take the gun in to the sheriff, but that was from 2014 and is outdated.  Do not take firearms to the sheriff’s or any substation.